HIAA is affiliated with an active, public listserv – H-ISLAMART – sponsored by H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) as part of the association’s goal of facilitating communication and promoting cooperation among scholars and other professionals involved in the study and teaching of Islamic art. 

Regular H-ISLAMART postings include announcements about programs, opportunities and developments in the field of Islamic art, as well as inquiries relating to research projects and other issues. Access to H-ISLAMART, including subscription information, current and past discussion logs, and keyword searches for specific messages, may be found at: http://www.h-net.org/~islamart. You may subscribe to the listserv and/or submit announcements for posting by e-mail to the current editor, Zohreh Soltani, here: editorial-Islamart@mail.h-net.org.

Additional information about H-ISLAMART:

1. Messages with attachments or images: For security reasons, the server is set to reject automatically all messages with attachments or images, and such messages cannot be distributed to the list. The H-ISLAMART editor is only able to post text-based messages contained within the body of an email  or as an attached word document and would be grateful if list members could submit messages in this format. 

2. A reminder about privacy: Please note that all messages sent to the list are *public* and, after distribution to the list, will be archived permanently in a searchable database on the list serve homepage http://www.h-net.org/~islamart. This means that the full content of these messages, including signature lines, will appear in Google searches, for example. While the H-ISLAMART editor typically edits for misspellings, typos and grammar, she assumes that the format of a message is one the sender is comfortable distributing to the list. If you are concerned about privacy, please edit your signature lines to remove information you would not like to be public (for example phone numbers, addresses, etc.). 

3. Manage your subscription: We have a very active and involved community of scholars and the number of messages is growing. If you would like to save space in your inbox and receive messages in digest form, you may do so at any time by clicking on the "Manage Subscription" link on the list serve homepage above. You may also use this link to manage your subscription in other ways – for example, to suspend temporarily receipt of messages while you are on vacation.