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    Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Special Issue: Treasures of the Sea, Art Before Craft?

    Espacio, Tiempo y Forma, Vol. 5 (2017), Special Issue


    Edited by Avinoam Shalem

    Avinoam Shalem: Introduction: Treasures of the Sea. Art Before Craft?

    Barbara Baert: Marble and the Sea or Echo Emerging (A Ricercar)

    Karen Pinto: In God’s Eyes: The Sacrality of the Seas in the Islamic Cartographic Vision

    Matthew Elliott Gillman: A Tale of Two Ivories: Elephant and Walrus

    Persis Berlekamp: Reflections on a Bridge and its Waters: Fleeting Access at Jazirat b. ‘Umar (Cizre) ‘Ain Diwar / (Im)mobile displacements

    Hannah Baader: Livorno, Lapis Lazuli, Geology and the Treasures of the Sea in 1604604

  • Journal

    The Textile Museum Journal, Vol. 44

    Table of Contents

    Toward a Grammar of Textiles: A Reconsideration of Medieval Textile Aesthetics and the Impact of Modern Collecting, Arielle Winnik

    Nomad Textile Bags from Central Asia in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Geographic Distribution, Decoration, Semantics, Irina Bogoslovskaya

    Through the Renaissance Frame: Carpets and the Beginnings of ‘Islamic Art’ in Nineteenth-Century Vienna and Berlin, Denise-Marie Teece

    Pope Innocent VIII's Mamluk Carpets from Cairo in Context: Their Manufacture and Acquisition, Rosamond E. Mack

    Rethinking Mamluk Carpet Origins, Gerald Pollio

    Book Reviews
    Tentage at the Calico Museum and its Patterns, by Peter Alford Andrews and Mugul Andrews, Mattiebelle Gittinger
    Imprints of Culture, by Eiluned Edwards, Sarah Fee
    Pattern and Loom, by John Becker, Ruth Barnes
    Textiles of the Banjara, by Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin, Cristin McKnight Sethi

  • Journal

    International Journal of Islamic Architecture (Vol. 6, Issue 2, July 2017)

    “Imagining Localities of Antiquity in Islamic Societies"

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