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  • Book

    Herat Through Time: The Collections of the Herat Museum and Archive

    edited by U. Franke and M. Müller-Wiener, with 21 contributions by various authors

    This volume, published as vol. 3 of the Ancient Herat series, has 732 pages with 1950 colour images and 250 line drawings and maps.

    The volumes are not available through commercial distributors; the webpage provides detailed information on the content and an option to order the books. The contact email is The two forthcoming volumes will be placed on that page too.

  • Journal

    International Journal of Islamic Architecture (Vol. 6, Issue 2, July 2017)

    “Imagining Localities of Antiquity in Islamic Societies"

  • Website

    Crafts of Syria

    An announcement of Marcus Milwright's new online teaching and research resource:

     The site is devoted to the crafts of Syria and records evidence for traditional modes of manufacturing across the country. I have been developing this site over the last year with the assistance of students in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies (University of Victoria).
    The Crafts of Syria website is organized according to the cities, towns, and other settlements of modern Syria. You will find primary written sources, secondary historical studies, ethnographic and archaeological research, travellers’ accounts, and photographs that provide evidence for craft activities conducted in these locations from the seventh century to the present. Searches can also be made via a map or by craft type.
    The site is in its early stages of development, and the coverage (geographical, historical, and the range of crafts) is still uneven. My team will continue to add new entries in the coming years. We also plan to extend the geographical scope of this study to encompass other regions of the Middle East.
    If you have additional material relating to crafts activities across Syria, I would be delighted to receive it. Please send this information, as well as comments about the site to

  • Book

    Marcus Milwright, Islamic Arts and Crafts: An Anthology

    Islamic Arts and Crafts: An Anthology by Marcus Milwright (Edinburgh UP, 2017) is a collection of written sources (dating from the seventh to the twentieth centuries) that explores numerous aspects of the crafts of the Middle East from the processing of raw materials to the manufacture of finished artefacts.

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