Mohamed Zakariya, A 21st century Master Calligrapher

We are delighted to announce the publication of an edited volume, Mohamed Zakariya, A 21st century Master Calligrapher. This collection of peer-reviewed essays and images is the first to present a comprehensive overview of the life and work of Mohamed Zakariya, one of the most important calligraphers active in the United States, told through the words and eyes of the artist himself, scholars, students, and colleagues from the international world of Islamic calligraphy. The book examines links between the world of Ottoman calligraphy and today’s practitioners, Zakariya’s place in a global lineage of calligraphers, and his role in shaping the next generation of artists.

The contributors of the book are all artists and scholars with deep connections to Islamic calligraphy, including Bilal Badat, Josh Berer, Hasan Çelebi, M. Uğur Derman, Nihad Dukhan, Yasemin Gencer, Elinor Aishah Holland, Emin Lelić, Nuria Garcia Masip, Nancy Micklewright, Emily Neumeier, Omid Safi, Nabil F. Safwat, İrvin Cemil Schick, and Mohamed Zakariya.

Published by Fons Vitae.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s website here