Mirzā ʿAli-Qoli Khoʾi: The Master Illustrator of Persian Lithographed Books in the Qajar Period. 2 vols. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

Mirzā ʿAli-Qoli Khoʾi is the unsurpassed master of the art of illustration in Persian lithographed books of the Qajar period, both in terms of quality and quantity of production. In the decade of documented activity, 1263–72/1846–55, the artist produced more than 2,300 single images in about 70 books, plus hundreds of minutely executed small images on the margins of several books and numerous illuminated chapter headings. The present publication is a comprehensive assessment of the artist’s work. Vol. 1 introduces the artist and his work, including detailed information about the content and illustrations of all the books he is known to have illustrated; vol. 2 reproduces all of the artist’s currently documented illustrations.

Vol. 1: Text. XIII, 239 pp. ISBN 978-90-04-47131-3 (hardback), 978-90-04-47132-0 (e-book)

Vol. 2: Illustrations: VII, 487 pp. ISBN 978-90-04-47133-7 (hardback), 978-90-04-47134-4 (e-book)

Preliminary material of vol. 1 is available for download here