Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning. Essays in Honour of Robert Hillenbrand

This volume of articles dedicated to Robert Hillenbrand includes contributions by his colleagues and students. Thirteen essays encompass some of his wide-ranging interests, with one section devoted to architecture, a second to painting and calligraphy, and a third to the iconography and context of objects.

James Allan, ‘Syrian Nilotics and the History of Silver Inlay in the Near East’.

Barbara Finster, ‘Back to Tulul al-Ukhaydir’.

Marcus Fraser, ‘Beyond the Taklamakan: The Origins and Stylistic Development of Qurʾan Manuscripts in China’.

Alain George, ‘A Builder of Mosques: The Projects of al-Walid I, from Sanaa to Homs’.

Udayan Daniel Ghose, ‘Blurred Boundaries: Interactions Between Royal Ateliers and Commercial Workshops in the Persianate World’.

Melanie Gibson, ‘‘Healing for what is in the Breasts’: Ceramic Breastfeeding Figures from the Medieval Islamic World’.

Margaret S. Graves, ‘Beyond the Beholder’s Share: Painting as Process’.

Yuka Kadoi, ‘David Talbot Rice and Persian Art History’.

Linda Komaroff, ‘Chinese Porcelains from the Ardabil Shrine: Collecting and Display in Iran’.

Lorenz Korn, ‘Twin Minarets in the Architecture of Iran’.

Elizabeth Lambourn, ‘Some New Uses of the Geniza Mercantile Letter—On the Materiality of Writing in the Indian Ocean World’.

Richard P. McClary, ‘Memorial for a Memorial: The Mashhad of Imam ʿAwn al-Din and the Destruction of Medieval Monuments in Mosul by ISIS’.

Julian Raby, ‘An Ayyubid-era Figural Ivory: A Sculptural Miniature’.

Published by Gingko, 24 April 2022