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Khusraw and Shirin hunting, Folio from a Khusraw u Shirin by Nizami (d.1209). ca. 1400. Iran. Freer Gallery of Art, F.1931.33.
2010 Biennial Symposium

Objects, Collections, and Cultures

Freer and Sackler Galleries
Washington, D.C.

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Devoted to the "art of the object," HIAA's second biennial symposium featured several dozen leading specialists in the arts and cultures of the Islamic world. The program included thematic panels with formal presentations, seminar-style workshops focused on art in the Freer and Sackler collections, and a roundtable discussion on the role of portable objects and their study over the last century. The symposium was open to the public.

  • 10.20.10

  • 14:30–15:30


    The Principle of Parsimony and the Problem of the “Mosul School of Metalwork”

    Julian Raby
    Director, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
  • 10.21.10

  • 05:00–07:00


    The Formation of Islamic Art Collections from Early Modern Times through the Twentieth Century

    Sheila Canby
    Chair and discussant
    Barbara Karl
    Islamic Art and Habsburg Collecting during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
    Joachim Gierlichs
    Friedrich Sarre: The Reconstruction of His Collection of Islamic Art
    A Mediterraneanist’s Collection: Henri Pharaon’s “Treasure House of Arab Art”
    May Farhat
  • 07:45–08:45


    Workshops in Freer’s collection storage or conservation lab

    Elaine Wright
    The Freer Khusraw u Shirin Manuscript
    Renata Holod
    The Freer Battle Plate
    Heather Ecker and Teresa Fitzherbert
    The Freer Canteen Reconsidered
  • 07:45–08:45


    “Cinematic Urbanism” in the Middle East

    Nezar Al-Sayyad
    Chair and Discussant
    Walter Armbrust
    Neoliberalizing People and Places in Contemporary Egyptian Media
    Mona Damluji
    Documenting Oil Cities: Cinematic Representations of Urban Modernity in Abadan and Baghdad, 1949–1958
    Ipek Türeli
    Istanbul in Black and White: Cinematic Reflections of Urban Modernity
  • 08:45–10:00


  • 10:00–11:30


    Workshops in Freer’s collection storage or conservation lab

    Abolala Soudavar
    A Bustan of Sa’di of 1579
    Two Gilded and Enameled Glass Bowls in the Freer Gallery of Art
    Rachel Ward
    A Silver Stand with Four Eagles
    Lawrence Nees
  • 10:00–11:30


    Round Table Discussion: Objects of and in Islamic History and Culture

    Esin Atil
    Lisa Golombek
    University of Toronto (emerita) and Royal Ontario Museum (emerita)
    Oya Pancaroglu
    Bogaziçi University,Istanbul
    Oliver Watson
    Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
    Stefan Weber
    Pergamonmuseum, Berlin
  • 12:00–14:00


    A Codicological Approach to the Practices and Theories of Manuscript Collecting

    Laura E. Parodi
    David Roxburgh
    Eleanor Sims
    “The Silver Stream in the Foreground . . . ”
    Emine Fetvaci
    The Albums of Ahmed I
    Yael Rice
    Making Manuscripts Collectible: Mughal Interventions in the Rampur Jami al-tavarikh
  • 15:00–17:00

    Reception and exhibition tour, The Textile Museum

  • 10.22.10

  • 05:00–06:30


    The Arts of the Book in Focus

    Lale Uluç
    Bernard O’Kane
    Illustrations of Paintings in Arab Manuscripts and Their Modern Reproductions,with Particular Reference to the al-Wasiti Maqamat
    Nourane Ben Azzouna
    The Gulistan of Sa‘di Attributed to Yaqut al-Musta‘simi and Its Transformations from the Thirteenth Century to the Present
    Karin Rührdanz
    Between Astrology and Anatomy: Updating Qazvini’s Aja’ib al-makhluqat in Mid-sixteenth-century Iran
  • 07:00–08:30


    Objects on the Borders of Islamic Art (Organized and sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art)

    Helen Evans
    Metzada Gelbe
    Poetic Vessels of Everyday Life
    Lamia Balafrej
    The Pisa Griffin and Its Reception in Italy
    Krysta Black
    The Question of Impact: Reconsidering the Role of Islamic Art in the León Bible of 960
    Anna McSweeney
    The Mudéjar Ceramics of Paterna, Spain
  • 08:30–10:00

    Lunch break

  • 10:00–12:00


    Within/Without: Constructing Collections of Post-1800 “Islamic” Art

    Alexandra Dika Seggerman
    Heghnar Watenpaugh
    Sarah Neel-Smith
    Medium and Modernity: Invisible Histories and Curating Contemporary Middle Eastern Art
    Elizabeth Miller
    Constructing a Generation: The “Pioneers,” Canon Formation, School, and Museum in Modern Egyptian Art
    Venetia Porter
    Collecting Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art at the British Museum
  • 12:30–14:00


    Objects and Their Makers

    Massumeh Farhad
    Abdullah Ghouchani
    Persian Potters and Their Works: New Discoveries in Mina’i and Luster Ware Production
    Ruba Kana’an
    The Craftsmen of Mosul Metalwork: Exploring the Roles and Relationships Between ustadh, mu‘allim, tilmidh, ghulam, and ajir
    Hana Taragan
    An Artuqid Candlestick from the al-Aqsa Museum: Object as Document
    Bahattin Yaman
    Fit for the Court: Ottoman Royal Costumes and Their Tailors, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries