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Special Event

HIAA-Sponsored Panel at CAA

12:00 pm

HIAA-Sponsored Panel at CAA: "Fashioning the Modern In and Beyond the Middle East"

Thursday, February 15
12:00--1:30 pm CST
The panel sponsored by the Historians of Islamic Art Association at CAA, organized by Mira Xenia Schwerda and Erin Hyde-Nolan, examines the topic “Fashioning the Modern In and Beyond the Middle East: Photography as a Technology of Expression.” We invite our members to join the discussion and listen to an exciting lineup of papers:
Erin Hyde Nolan & Mira Xenia Schwerda
"'The Image Debate:' Photography and the Human Figure in the Modern Islamic World"
Gohar Dashti
"Transplant(N)ation: Exploring the Intersection of Identity and Environment"
Zeynep Gursel
"Portraits of Unbelonging: Photography, Mobility and Nationality"
K. Hickerson
"Behind the Scenes: Backdrops, Space, and Sudanese Portraiture in Motion"