Statement from the President of HIAA on Palestine

The Historians of Islamic Art Association stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns the recent forced and illegal removal of Palestinians from their ancestral homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the raiding of the al-Aqsa mosque, and the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by the Israeli government. We mourn the loss of life and the destruction of educational and cultural institutions, including the Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir cultural center in Bethlehem, a building of Al-Quds University, and the Samir Mansour bookstore in Gaza. 

HIAA welcome the news of a ceasefire and an end to the immediate violence. We also recognize and support the decades long struggle of Palestinians for freedom, justice, equality, and self-determination.

Kishwar Rizvi, President, Historian of Islamic Art Association