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English-speaking world by National Book Network. 

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Have a look at the cover-pages and for more information visit:

CORPUS OF TURKISH ISLAMIC INSCRIPTIONS nr. 4 TÜRK ISLAM KITABELERI DIZISI no:4 SUMMARY This study aims to study the Ottoman gravestones in Bosnia-Herzegovina dating from the period 15th to 19th century by comparing them with the ones in Istanbul, Edirne, Bursa and Iznik and to find out the extent of the influence of the earlier periods on today's gravestone building in the region. Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the "frontier" regions of the Ottoman Empire. The study is in Turkish with an English and Bosnian language Summary. The work consists of 2 parts. One part is the printed Book. Second part is the Catalogue of 277. Tombstones. This catalogue is not printed but made available as a pdf file.

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Ars Orientalis, Volume 39, Globalizing Cultures: Art and Mobility in the Eighteenth Century, guest-edited by Nebahat Avcıoğlu and Finbarr Barry Flood. Framed by an extensive introductory essay, the volume brings together seven articles addressing various aspects of the movement of cultural forms (dress, landscape, book illustration, among others) in Europe and Asia during the eighteenth century. Authors include Tülay Artan, Chanchal Dadlani, Elisabeth A. Fraser, Anton Schweizer, Avinoam Shalem, Kristel Smentak, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, and Mercedes Volait. 

Implicate and Explicate, a monograph featuring the projects of the 2010 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, with essays by Mohammad Al-Asad, Farshid Moussavi, Mohsen Mostafavi, Hanif Kara and Oleg Grabar, as well as members of the Award Master Jury has been published by Lars Muller Publishers.
Additional information about "Implicate and Explicate" is available at

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The volume, published in the PIHANS series of the Netherlands Institute in Istanbul, can be purchased online for the price of 43 Euros at the website of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East:

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To download the first 60 pages, please visit

To view a video trailer, please visit:

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Neue Publikationsreihe des Museums für Islamische Kunst in Berlin: Die Sammlungen des Museums für Islamische Kunst Berlin

Band 1: Vorsicht Glas! Zerbrechliche Kunst 700-2010
Herausgegeben von Miriam Kühn

Band 2: Albumblätter: Miniaturen aus den Sammlungen indo-islamischer
Herrscherhöfe Almut von Gladiß

Beide Publikationen können Sie unter bestellen oder im Museumsshop erwerben.
Venetia Porter, with Robert Hoyland, Alexander Morton and Shailendra Bandhare

Arabic and Persian Seals and Amulets in the British Museum

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Islamic Art in the Mediterranean thematic guides now also available as eBooks:, the book section of the MWNF portal, has been   entirely restyled and is now online offering the following new products and   services: Nine thematic guides related to the MWNF Exhibition Trails in Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia   and Turkey are now available also as eBooks in English, French, Italian and Spanish through most online bookshops.  Most titles are still available also as paperbacks and, if the paperback edition is out of stock, a Print on Demand edition can now be ordered in English. Further languages will follow.  Two new Exhibition Trail catalogues - Algeria and Syria - are in preparation.  Under Books by MWNF Partners we present MWNF titles published by our   partner publishers as well as books published by third parties on topics that   are of relevance to the activities of MWNF. In this section we are please to host organizations and companies publishing relevant titles that are   available on the market. For further information please contact