HIAA Activities

Plans continue to develop for HIAA’s Fourth Biennial Symposium, to be held at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, 16-18 October 2014. The Symposium’s overarching theme is “Forms of Knowledge and Cultures of Learning in Islamic Art.” We expect the preliminary program and registration information to be available during the first quarter of 2014.

Fund-raising continues for the Oleg Grabar Memorial Fund in support of HIAA’s program of Grabar Grants and Fellowships. In addition to over $175,000 in leadership gifts, we now have received close to $22,000 at other donation levels. Our deepest appreciation to those HIAA members and friends who have contributed thus far! We now invite you to join this continuing development effort and to become a donor to the Oleg Grabar Memorial Fund. Your donation will both strengthen this permanent fund designed to extend Professor Grabar’s great scholarly legacy and help encourage and further the professional development of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in all areas of the history of Islamic art, architecture and archaeology. For complete details, please click here. Major donors to HIAA and the Oleg Grabar Memorial Fund can be found in ‘Sponsors’ below the tab ‘About’ at the top of this page.

Your general support, too, is essential for the continuation and expansion of HIAA’s mission and programs, including the biennial symposium series. Our membership dues remain modest in comparison with other professional organizations. Please click on the Donate button below to make an additional donation so that HIAA can grow and flourish in 2014 and beyond!

Sheila Canby
Sussan Babaie